About Me

Born and raised in England, I left school at the age of 18 and enlisted in the Royal Air Force where I completed a five year regular engagement. This was followed by two years on ‘reserve’ status. Following my military service, I have spent most of my working life as an accountant, predominantly working for blue chip companies in the international construction industry in countries such as Zambia, Iran, Seychelles, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Hong Kong etc. (plus, of course, in the UK).

In the late 20th century I decided it was time for change and I was appointed managing director of the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean regions for (successively) two international ERP software development companies. After leaving the second of these companies, I freelanced for a while including the preparation of a report to The World Bank regarding the modernisation of accounting and reporting systems of a major utility based in Phnom Penh but spread throughout rural Cambodia (my recommendations were accepted and implemented). In the early 21st century I developed an interest in website development and internet marketing which led me to where I am today.

Not yet being old enough for golf, my first loves after my wonderful wife (whom I first met when we both worked for Ericsson Telephones in Beeston, Nottinghamshire) and my equally wonderful daughter are computers and the Internet. My first computer was one of the original tape-driven Sinclair ZX Spectrums in 1982. This was followed by the Amstrad PC1512 and the Amstrad PC1640. My! How things have changed.

Like many before me and I am sure, many to come, I have fallen victim to some of the scams on the internet and have bought many products, some of them absolutely worthless trash and others pure gold. One of my missions is to introduce only ‘the genuine article’ to my subscribers and if you should link to anything from my site which is not all it should be, do please let me know.

I followed in the footsteps of many internet marketers by starting out on eBay, selling products which I bought with resale rights and even today, this remains a sound way to generate an initial, basic income.

If you are reading this blog, then I believe it is safe to assume that you share my interests and I hope that the content that I post on these pages will be useful to you.

So, on these pages you will find news, information, tips and tricks related to internet marketing and the internet/worldwide web generally, plus links to solid, reliable and trustworthy products only – no crap, no time wasters and certainly no scams. If you should buy through any of my third-party links, I may receive a small commission from the vendor. I promise that you will never pay more by buying through any of my links. On the contrary, you could pay less in instances where I have negotiated special deals for my subscribers. These small commissions help me to keep this and other sites running and to spend the time necessary on research to ensure as far as possible that you never become a victim via any of my sites/blogs.

I am an ‘old-style’ marketer in that if you click on the link to any of the products that I personally am selling, that is the only product that you will be offered via that link. In other words, I do not build sales funnels behind each product whereby you have to work through multiple other offered products before being allowed access to the product that you have just purchased. I do not subscribe to the belief that one has to extract every penny possible from a customer, any more than I would expect to be asked to buy also some pork chops, a lamb joint, a beef roast, a kilo of sausages, two chicken breasts and gawd knows what else if I entered the butcher’s shop only to purchase half a kilo of bacon.

I personally find sales funnels quite irritating, particularly when (as I have experienced more than once) as many as a dozen additional products are offered before I am granted access to the product that I really want and that I have purchased. A single additional offer I can live with. Beyond that, I have little or no interest and usually I just click straight through them.

So, if you click on any link to any of my products, you will be offered that item only. If you choose to buy – great! And thank you! But if you choose not to buy – no worries! We shall remain friends.

Oh – and if you should subscribe to any of my newsletters or email lists, I will send you only the occasional email when I have something of suitable quality to offer or when I add a new post to any of my sites.  I shall NOT bombard you with multiple emails each day as do some marketers.

Of course, please understand that if you should click on any link on my website which takes you to another vendor’s product that I may be promoting, I have no influence over that vendor’s policy re sales funnels.

The Internet offers us all the opportunity to build financial success and the security that comes with it. But as we all know, nothing comes free of effort and certainly not internet riches. You must work to earn that security and if you are not willing and able to do this, then you are wasting your time and you will get absolutely nowhere.

Obviously you have an interest in the Internet and wealth creation, or you would not even be reading this blog. I wish you every success and if ever you think that I might be able to help you – just get in touch and if I can help, I will.