The Importance of Business Email

In a recent survey, 1,000 email users were asked how important as a business communication tool they considered the use of email to be. They also were asked how they rated the importance of a business email address.

The survey was undertaken to ascertain whether email users understood the importance of business email addresses and how businesses not having an email address ‘@ their domain name’ place themselves at a considerable disadvantage.

Notwithstanding the increasing use of social media, email still remains the most important manner in which a business can readily and swiftly communicate with its customer/client base. A professional email address is essential; yet the survey indicates such an address is greatly undervalued. Consumers now look for the professionalism of a domain-led email address and any business not having this will be seen to be unprofessional. In difficult trading times it is highly important that businesses create memorable first impressions.

What do the statistics tell us?

  • The age group that most understand the important of business email addresses are the 55-64 year olds.
  • Less than half of those responding to the survey considered a professional email address to be important.
  • The use by businesses of email as a communication channel was considered to be important by 60% of those participating in the survey.
  • The ROI of email marketing can be as much as 4,000% and is second only to comprehensive SEO.

Email can be the lifeblood of many businesses. Customers need to feel confident that the business with which they are dealing is professional and trustworthy. Business email addresses can be extremely cost-effective, and present businesses in their best light.

Undoubtedly email is the most important means of communication available to businesses today and email marketing is an extremely important marketing tool. Times can be hard for small businesses, many of which struggle when demand for their products or services decreases – often at the same time that that banks are reviewing and tightening their lending policies and credit facilities. At such times, business email emanating from a business email address becomes ever more important for small businesses and SMEs.

We can arrange business email solutions at an affordable cost. No website is required, simply a domain name on which to base the email address and we can purchase and manage that on your behalf for just a few dollars a year.

Updated: 7 April, 2019 — 5:49 pm