What Is An Affiliate Marketing Website?

I was asked a few days ago to explain exactly what is an affiliate marketing website. Well, there is no single affiliate marketing website format due to the fact that the term ‘affiliate marketing’ covers many different marketing/sales models. Here are just a few examples.

Amazon Product Websites. Amazon has long been the backbone of affiliate marketing and is where many of today’s highly-successful marketers started their career as affiliates. But look out for the ever-growing and increasingly popular Chinese site – Alibaba and its offshoot, AliExpress.

ClickBank Websites. ClickBank offers a very wide range of affiliate marketing opportunities.  Much changed from the days when they appeared to be focusing on health and finance.

JVZoo Websites. Very similar to ClickBank but focusing predominantly on internet marketing products and services.

Personal Blogs. Run by individual bloggers who monetise their websites with (inter-alia) affiliate products.

Product Reviews. As the name suggests, these sites are created for the purpose of reviewing a product. These reviews should be treated with caution as not all reviewers are as honest as they should be and often the main purpose of the reviewer is to earn a commission from an eventual sale.

Niche Sites. Similar to blogs, here the affiliate fills a site with content related to the subject niche (this process can be automated but automation is best avoided by the marketer). Thus a dog-care niche site would be full of articles etc. relevant to the care of dogs and monetised with affiliate links to assorted dog-care products. Some niches fall in and out of popularity – others remain what is called ‘Evergreen’ – i.e. always popular.  Examples of evergreen niches are Weight Loss, Health & Beauty, Stop Smoking, Dating, Travel and more.

Authority and Multi-Silo Sites. These sites can include multiple related niches in a single site.

Video Marketing. Here the affiliate posts regularly to video channels such as YouTube with a recommendation of a product accompanied by the marketer’s affiliate link to that product. Marketers may publish their own web pages with links to all of their online videos.  Others rely on the video alone.

These are just a few of the different types of affiliate marketing websites.

Updated: 16 August, 2019 — 11:35 am