17. What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a wide-ranging term covering the creation and distribution of content designed to attract and engage existing, as well as potential customers and clients. It sets out to deliver information of high-quality which is of relevance and value to its audience and for example could be the release of hitherto proprietary information to a targeted audience. Or it could be the creation of entirely new information which is shared scatter-gun style via any suitable media.

Forms of content marketing may include newsletters, e-books, articles, how-to guides, website pages, webinars, webcasts and podcasts, videos, magazines, digital content, white papers, case-studies, even roadshows and events and other informative and educational material. The intention is not so much to ‘sell’ product there and then, but rather to inform a clearly-defined, target audience about important issues in the industry and develop brand recognition as a leader and expert in the subject field.