10. Why is Link Popularity so important?

There are three reasons in particular why link popularity is important.

Firstly, it is an established fact that many web surfers will move to a new page, by clicking a link that they see on any page that they happen to be viewing at that time. So, carefully created links to your site, on other pages, undoubtedly increase the likelihood of visits to your site.

Secondly, and as I have previously stated, search engines love links to your site from other authority sites and so your search engine rankings will increase in line with increases in your link popularity. Thus your website will be seen by more viewers, creating an increase in traffic which also helps to improve your search engine rankings but also has the potential to increase sales.

Finally, the higher your link popularity is, the easier it is for the search engine’s web spiders to find your website. Also, they are likely to visit more frequently with the overall result that your site will remain indexed and retain its position for much longer.