07. What can kill an Email Marketing campaign?

The concept of email marketing may seem simple, but there are protocols and technicalities that should be considered to ensure that your emails do not go straight into a spam folder or even are deleted without being opened. Here are just a few of the things that you should NOT do (and we are only scratching the surface here).

  • When sending HTML emails do NOT overuse images – many viewers will have images disabled.
  • Do NOT make your email too ‘busy’ and do NOT provide too many choices – if you are including a call to action, then no more than one call per email.
  • Do NOT launch any campaign without first running A/B tests.
  • Do NOT send your mail to an uncategorised list of recipients. Intended recipients should have an interest in the subject of your mail. Take it a step further and send ‘one-to-one’ emails when you can (they can of course be automated).
  • Do NOT send just one email. Many people will take action on perhaps a third email whereas they will ignore a single email but also……
  • Do NOT overdo it – almost certainly you will know already how annoying can be a flood of unwanted mail which leads us nicely to the big No! No!………..
  • DO NOT SPAM! DO NOT SPAM! DO NOT SPAM!  Got it?  DO NOT SPAM!  This can get you blacklisted, banned, your account shut down or worse – apart from which it is simply bad manners and will not win you any friends!