08. What can strengthen an Email Marketing campaign?

Here are a few Do’s that you should consider applying to your campaigns. As with the previous question (What can kill an email marketing campaign?) we are only scratching the surface here.

  • Ensure that your content is shareable. Wherever possible, include ‘share’ icons in your email so that readers who are interested in your topic can easily forward it to others whom they think may be interested, which will extend your email’s reach. It is important that you make this as easy and quick as possible for your audience.
  • Plan your campaigns; do not just mail at random. Your emails always should be composed with your intended targets and your end goal in mind. If you are aiming at different audiences (i.e. in different sectors) then do rewrite or tweak your message to fit each different audience. ‘One size’ most certainly does not ‘fit all’.
  • Follow a carefully prepared plan. One of the worst things you can do is send out hit and miss messages to a hit and miss schedule.
  • Spend time developing, tweaking and reworking an attention-grabbing subject line. This is what will decide whether your email is read or is trashed without even being opened.
  • Ensure that your emails can be scanned so that the reader gains an immediate sense of whether or not your message is something that he wants to read more fully. Your message could be one of hundreds sitting in the recipients Inbox and is likely to be binned rather than read if he has to wade through the entire thing to determine his interest.
  • Include a call to action.
  • Also bullet points to bring to the fore points of importance and interest etc.
  • Do analyse data and statistics to determine how each email has performed, whether it has been shared, what are the conversion rates, whether it has been read at all or even been opened.

As I mentioned above, these are just a very few of the many things you should take into account when preparing and running email campaigns.