Understanding Article Marketing: What Is It and Why Do It?

This type of marketing is still quite effective for a number of reasons. But to be done effectively these days, it requires some skill and attention to details. Article marketing starts with a writer simply writing an article that is relevant to some product or website that he or she wants to promote.

A few years ago, writers would pen an article that might encourage readers to view their website or even consider purchasing a product. In those golden days, articles could even contain a hard-sell type of tone, and almost be more like sales letters than real articles. Sales letters still have their place, but are not really accepted as articles any longer.

Good articles today really do have to provide some informative, interesting, or educational content about some topic related to the product or website. They might cite authoritative sources and make a compelling case for one conclusion or another. This is not a hard-sell, but a soft-sell based more upon reason than excitement.

Some Examples Of Effective Articles For Article Marketing

1. If you wanted to promote natural skin cream, you might discuss the virtues of the natural ingredients. Then you can lead into a call to action to view your product because it contains all of these natural and effective ingredients in one tube. It might be more convenient and cheaper to purchase your product than to try to gather all of the ingredients on your own.

2. If you wanted potential customers to visit your gold brokerage, you might discuss some of the virtues of investing in gold, the history of gold, or how you can include gold in an individual retirement plan. You cannot just talk about the virtues of your gold brokerage. You have to leave that in the call to action which can include a link back to your own website.

How To Get Exposure For Your Articles

You have a few different choices for your article marketing efforts.

1. E-zine Article Directories: These are directories that post accepted articles. One popular example is EzineArticles.com.

2. Guest Blogging: You can find related websites and blogs, ask them to post your article, and include a call to action with a link back to your own website.

3. Your Site or Blog: You should consider posting your best articles on your own website. This gives you something to attract a variety of online visitors. Hopefully, they will read the article and consider patronizing your business or buying your product.

Does Article Marketing Still Work?

Article marketing is still very effective. But you do need to write something that will engage your audience long enough to get to your marketing message. It can give you a chance to position yourself as a credible expert on a specific topic. Once you have readers hooked, you have a better chance of selling them something anyway. You might be surprised by how effective this approach really can be.

Updated: 19 March, 2019 — 4:34 pm