Group: Internet Marketing

19. What is Blog Marketing?

Blog marketing is any process of publicising or advertising a website, a business, a brand or a service via blogging media. This may include banners or other advertising on blogs. For example, the blogger’s own review and recommendation on his blog, comments, advertising and recommendations on third party blogs and syndication across other blogs. Advertisements […]

18. Is Content Marketing simply a form of advertising?

NO! Content marketing and advertising differ in two essential ways: Content marketing is delivered via owned or earned media whereas advertising is delivered on media space that has been purchased. As soon as the publication, broadcast or other form of delivery of any content or message is paid for, it becomes advertising. These are two […]

17. What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a wide-ranging term covering the creation and distribution of content designed to attract and engage existing, as well as potential customers and clients. It sets out to deliver information of high-quality which is of relevance and value to its audience and for example could be the release of hitherto proprietary information to […]

15. Do I need Comparison Shopping Marketing?

Online shoppers these days often use comparison shopping websites to help them to secure the best prices but also because these sites allow them to browse and compare items on one page, instead of constantly moving backwards and forwards between different pages. This is much easier than going to individual websites. Getting your products onto […]

11. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing wherein affiliates are rewarded by businesses or individuals, usually by payment of a commission, for introducing buyers of their products via the affiliate’s own marketing effort. Commissions can range from less than 5% (albeit rarely) to as much as 100% of the selling price of the product although in internet […]